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Have you ever noticed that some kids seem to get every "bug that's going around" while others hardly ever get sick? 

Well there are several reasons for this. One important one is that subluxations actually interfere with the nervous system’s ability to direct the warding off of infection. Restoring integrity to the nervous system is chiropractic’s #1 purpose. Many of the families in our office report that their kids miss much less school and seem healthier than other kids their age. In fact, many of the new families we receive in our office are referrals from our established patient families. Parents talk to each other and are always wanting to find out what really works—especially when they get tired of running to the pediatrician for every runny nose.

Even as kids become young adults, chiropractic has its place as a foundation of healthcare. In adolescents there are many hormonal changes, awkwardness and changes in self-esteem. They often suffer from a variety of non-specific aches, pains, muscle spasm and other problems which many adults ascribe to “growing pains”. But while these pains are considered common, they certainly aren’t normal. They seem to “go away” because kids are very adaptive, however, they are very often left with muscle imbalance, uneven leg lengths and pelvic heights and other problems which become chronic and difficult to fix later on. Especially common in girls are abnormal sideways spinal curvatures called scoliosis. If caught early, they have the best chance of being halted or diminished and be replaced by healthy muscle tone, good posture, and better fitting clothes. Parents often consult us about how to work with their teenagers to help them have the best health possible.

It’s also about attitude...

Aches and pains are a common part of life. And let’s face it. It’s easy to pop a pill even when we know that it doesn’t really fix the problem. We often focus on the need to feel better, even if it is just temporary. But think for a second. What does this teach our children? How can you explain the difference between a “good” drug and a “bad” drug? We have to be very careful what messages we give…and live. Kids look to us as examples. If we show them that if every time we don’t like the state we are in mentally or physically, all we have to do is to take a pill, then why should they do anything different? Is it any wonder why kids today seem to slip so naturally into lifestyles involving drug and alcohol abuse? We know that almost every drug has side effects whether they are stomach bleeding, liver and kidney damage or other even scarier things. 

We think it is time to teach something different. Kids who are taught their bodies are a unique incredible creation capable of growth and healing, they will be less likely to abuse themselves. Like their parents, they won’t want to put junk in their bodies. Instead, they’ll maintain a lifelong interest in self-care including good nutrition, proper rest, healthy activity and positive ways to handle stress. Chiropractic care can be an important part of teaching kids to honor themselves because they can understand chiropractic care can help get to the root cause of problems without drugs.

We want kids to be happy, healthy and take on the world only in positive ways. Raising kids is an enormous responsibility but which can give a lot of joy. As parents, you’ll make a lot of decisions for them. Will you allow needless antibiotics to tamper with your child’s immunity? Will you agree to ear surgery to install an artificial drainage system without having tried everything else possible first? Will you consent to mind-altering drugs like Ritalin? Or will you learn to trust the ability of their bodies (and yours) to heal naturally without the hindrance of subluxations? 

The choice is always yours. Please choose wisely. Call us today for a complimentary family consultation. We’ll let you know if you and your children are good candidates for care and what we can do to help.

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Have you ever noticed that some kids seem to get every "bug that's going around" while others hardly ever get sick?