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Chiropractic for Kids

Even as early as 1990, there were millions more visits each year to natural healthcare providers like chiropractors than to all medical doctors in the United States. Most adults are aware that there is far more to healthcare than drugs and surgery.

While no smart parent would knowingly subject his or her kids to risky drugs or procedures, parents don’t always realize that there are natural ways to help keep kids healthy. This is where chiropractic comes in. Everyone can benefit from having a healthy nervous system!

Chiropractic care for kids is really different than it is for adults. Technique is tailored to the age and special needs of little ones whether they are newborn or school age. Adjustments require no more pressure than the pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato. And kids tend to really enjoy their time in our office!

The foundation of our purpose is to teach our practice members about the principles of health, to correct interference to the nervous system and to support the expression of health on all levels.

How can you tell if your child is experiencing nervous system interference?

How do we determine if a child has subluxations?

Have you ever noticed that some kids seem to get every “bug that’s going around” while others hardly ever get sick?

Chiropractic examinations at appropriate intervals

Chiropractic adjustments, from pre-natal to all stages of life

Craniosacral therapy (

Nutritional recommendations and supplements

Fascial unwinding

Physical rehabilitation

Personal training

Most of our patients are either seeking relief from an ache or pain and others are trying to improve their health, order to specialize in a particular area

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