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“Can’t say enough good about the person who can make the pain go away and get me back to work. Came back from a vacation in pain, Celeste’s adjustments got me back to work in no time! I am a believer in Celeste’s Chiropractic care and strongly urge anyone to consult with her to get the best care for themselves.”

— Jim O.
“Dr. Celeste Krawchuk is a remarkable chiropractor, I had back pain and was so scared of being adjusted. She was amazing and took her time with me. My back pain went away and then she helped me with my Carpal Tunnel in my wrist. I cannot believe it doesn’t bother me anymore. And no surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Celeste Krawchuk to be your chiropractor. Thanks Celeste and your team.”

— Cheryl B.
“We are expecting our 2nd child next month. I came in to see Dr. Celeste for lower back sciatica pain. Within 3 visits, I’m pain-free AND the baby flipped into delivery position! You won’t find a more personable, genuine team of professionals. Very grateful for Dr. Celeste and her team!”

— Jenny J.
“I felt like absolute garbage for the past two weeks with some kind of crazy cold. Dr. Celeste mentioned this morning that she could help so I figured what the heck let’s give it a shot. I had a long day planned with a grand opening this evening. I visited Dr. Celeste with little notice around noon and received an adjustment and some immune booster pills. Later today I started coming around and now I feel absolutely fabulous! Why did I wait so long??? Thank you so much for your help Dr. Celeste! I’ll be sure to tell everyone!”

— Don J.
“Around Labor Day 2010 I started noticing red in my urine. By the end of the month I was informed that I had Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer). This is a very rare from of cancer and that I did nothing wrong to get it, it was just the luck of the draw if you will. It was noted that I was otherwise in good health and young enough (62 at the time) to handle the operation, both pluses. I was sent to the University of Virginia at Charlottesville for what was to have been a simple pancreatic stent and Cholangian, Biliary Sphinectomy and dilation placement of metal stent or ERCP with Stent for short. The procedure went south which left me with Pancreatitis for which I was hospitalized for almost a week. Then on December 2, 2010 the doctors at UVA performed a Whipple procedure which entailed removing my Gallbladder, rerouting my bile duct from the liver to the small intestine then removing the head of the Pancreas and attaching what remained to the small intestine. The Pancreas was still inflamed from the ERCP procedure so it was left alone, leaving me with an incomplete procedure. They found some type “A” cells adjacent to the Pancreas so when I came home I was set up for radiation and Chemo.

After treatments from the middle of January to the middle of March I visited my oncologist at which time I was informed that I was tumor free and another visit was scheduled for six (6) months later. On December 1, 2011 I was informed that I now had a tumor on my Pancreas (no one has survived cancer of the Pancreas, not even Steve Jobs) and two (2) tumors in the Liver. I was given 3-6 months maybe a year to live.

Through my wife I learned of Celeste M Krawchuk, D.C., D.I.C.C.P. and something called Total Body Modification (TBM). She stepped up to the plate and about the middle of January 2012 I started treatment. She gave me hope. For the next 4 ½ months she worked with me removing problems that I wasn’t even aware I had. Just before my next visit with the oncologist I was able to tell her that even if I were too die tomorrow I would die happier than I thought was ever possible. The nice thing about the issues she addressed was that I did not have to lie on a couch and figure out why I was carrying all of that baggage. She just did her voodoo magic and the issues just went away. Then in a most recent session she identified something called ancestral emotions These emotions, good or bad, may have come from many generations back from persons I may have never meet. For years I experienced what I call instant anger. A day or two after she did her voodoo magic I began to notice a new sense of peace at a level I had never felt before, a new level of happiness if you will. Again I did not lie on a couch reaching back into the past. I still have my belief systems in tack, she did nothing to change them, only removed my baggage.

My visit with the oncologist went something like this. When he walked into the room I asked him why I felt so good. His response was, “I really don’t know. I had expected to come in and tell you that you were now full of tumors. However, now we think that the spot on the Pancreas may actually be a radiation burn, that I had no new tumors but now there were some treatment options to address the two (2) tumors in the Liver which had by now doubled in size.

The treatment went through on July 10 and by the middle of October one tumor had almost disappeared while the other had been reduced by fifty (50) percent and there were still no new tumors.

While I cannot say what actually worked for me as I did some homeopathic things, different diets, worked with modern medicine (who I see are also Voodoo specialist, which is why they call it a practice) and certain extracts. I feel that I am on the road to full recovery.

I can say that Dr. Celeste was a big help in the development or redevelopment of my mental attitude as it relates to this cure. I say here redevelopment as it took awhile to get my legs back under me after having received the prognosis of December 1.

Finally a large part of my mental attitude comes from my religious background. Again mental attitude goes a long way in the cure. For the first week after I was sent home to die my wife and I prayed for healing. Then my sister put me onto Romans 4:17. In Paul’s letter to the Romans he reminds the people that God had promised Abraham he would become the father of many nations. In 4:17 he states that out of nothing he created something or words to that effect depending on the translation one is reading. Sooo, since December 8, my wife and I have been thanking God for the healing that is has taken place in my body. We are claiming the healing. When one thinks of breaking a board with one’s hand he/she should not think just to the boards’ surface (asking) but through the board to the floor (claiming). Our Lord stated that if one has the faith of a mustard seed one can move mountains. One’s faith is in part “Claiming” and not waiting to see if your request is answered.

I close by saying TBM is the new best thing since sliced bread.”

— V. Gray
“I truly value Dr. Celeste’s expertise and wonderful spirit. I also appreciate her selection of skilled physical therapists, who work with her to get people well.”
“I came to Dr. Celeste’s last year with an intensive pain on my T-band that radiated down my legs. My pain was so bad that I could not sleep at night. With Dr. Celeste’s help and that of her physical therapists, I am now pain free. Her practice made me realize the importance of not just adjusting the spine, but also of strengthening the muscles that support it. Both my family and I are amazed at the improvement, and we definitely credit Dr. Celeste and her team for this.”
“I think that Berryville and the surrounding areas are so fortunate to have Dr. Celeste’s practice here. I would highly recommend these services, which are provided to patients with a great deal of compassion and commitment.”

— Nancy D.
“Dr. K was able to pinpoint, diagnose and treat and excruciating pre-existing injury, getting me not only back on my feet, but running again.”

— P.D.
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